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No hay próximos eventos actualmente.

Everything that we “do not see” remains anchored to our body, hidden in deep layers of our mind and ends up transforming into psychosomatizations or illness, into fears, traumas, phobias, etc … You can lighten this load with the combination of these two powerful techniques used by Transpersonal Therapy.

photo_2018-04-20_19-24-08They will allow you to become bodily aware of your blocks and armor and from there, through breathing, experience an expanded state of consciousness, heal, release and enjoy enormous benefits, such as improved self-esteem, understanding of unconscious content, release of emotions blocked, reconnect with life, relieve anxiety and annoying physical symptoms …

The holoscopic breathing technique is based on hyperventilation breathing, combined with evocative music, meditation, and artistic expression through mandalas.
Likewise, Biodanza is a psycho-body work induced through music and group experience.

All this is carried out within the framework of a process of therapeutic accompaniment together with the group of assistants, in addition to having the possibility of individual therapeutic work to delve into the experiences lived.